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Kids Loving and Serving

All over the world kids are serving! They are making an impact in their homes, schools, and communities, using their ideas and skills to make a difference.
The entire time Jesus was with His disciples, not only was he giving them knowledge and helping them to apply that knowledge to their lives, but he was also helping them learn to serve others.
Teaching our children to serve adds a whole new dimension to their spiritual life. They begin to realize that everything is not about them! In fact, life should not be about us at all.

Jesus modeled that life lesson for all of us through his death. On Global Serve Day we will encourage, equip, and empower kids to serve!
Global Serve Day is a three-day event focused on serving the home, the church, and the community. Below are just a few ideas for how you might involve your children, or the children of your church, in this event. Share your stories, comments, and photos on social media using #globalserveday.

Ideas for kids serving

Day One – Home

Caring Coupon BookProvide children with supplies, such as paper, pencils, scissors, stapler,  and markers to create a coupon book of chores that they are able or willing to do for their family … (Read more)

Day Two – Community

Care Kits for the Needy— Contact a local homeless shelter and inquire about offering personal care items for those being served. Create lists for items and encourage each child to donate the requested items for the packets … (Read more)

Day Three – Church

Day of Caring— Contact elderly members of your church asking if they have chores that need to be accomplished around their home … (Read more)

To learn more about these and other ideas?

Download GSD Manual

Beyond Global Serve Day for Kids

Connect your Children’s Ministry with service projects year round! Learn more about KidServe.

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El Salvador has been named “the most violent country in Latin America,” and its murder rates are the highest in the region. According to the United Nations, on average, 40 children are killed every month, the victims of poverty, civil war, and natural catastrophes. 1.8 million children are a part of the nation’s workforce. 4 out of 10 children live in poverty with over half of all children surviving on less than $1.25 per day.

For the past decade, the Church of God of Prophecy has partnered with philanthropic organizations to open Centers of Learning in our local churches. Through the generosity of these organizations, our local ministries are enabled to hire professionally trained directors, teachers, and staff to serve the children in these centers. More than 2,000 children are served by these schools daily where they receive tutoring, participate in activities, and are taught a trade. Each school is audited monthly, and every child is evaluated regularly to ensure satisfactory progress in their studies.

Although these programs are making a significant impact in the lives of El Salvador’s children and communities, the facilities housing the programs are insufficient. Because of the requirements of the donors, upgrades and expansions are required for our six flagship schools for the program to continue. Each location also has a waiting list of hundreds of more children that could be served if adequate facilities were available.

Download the Build-A-School Project Guide for four free missions-oriented lessons and to learn how your kids can participate!


Beyond Global Serve Day, the children of your church are invited to participate in KidServe, the service ministry of International Children’s Ministries of the Church of God of Prophecy.

KidServe exists to teach children to give back to their community and to help others. Visit www.cogop.org/children/kidserve to stay connected to our monthly service projects!